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The Allstar Medical Respite & Recuperative Care Program provides recuperative care for the homeless. When homeless patients are discharged from the hospital they need time to heal. Participants in our program need to meet some admission criteria.

Admission Criteria

Referrals are screened and evaluated by an AMRRC staff upon receiving the faxed Referral Form, which must be COMPLETED by the responsible referring facility. A preliminary approval/denial will be determined upon review of the Referral Form.

Patient must be:

• homeless, in the process of being homeless, or have no regular place to sleep.

• have an acute but temporary medical illness.

• alert and oriented.

• independent in ADLs and medication administration. 

• can use DME device safely and properly. 

• be willing to see a healthcare provider as necessary and comply with medical recommendations.

• be bowel and bladder continent.

• be medically, physically and psychiatrically stable.

• must not be suicidal or homicidal.

• have a condition with an identifiable end point of care for discharge.

• have no communicable disease.

Program Guidelines

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Exclusion Criteria:

For safety of our patients and staff, this criteria determines who CANNOT be allowed for admission.

Exclusion Criteria:

• Sex Offender

• Child Molester

• Arsonist

• Active Substance Abuser, or unwilling to abstain during the stay

• History of assault on a police officer 

• Patients with unstable medical or psychiatric conditions that require an inpatient level of care

• Patients requiring IV hydration (Patients requiring IV antibiotic must be able to self-administer or arrange to have a Home Health Nurse to visit and assist the patient)

• Patients who are in home oxygen