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Homeless patients who get discharged from the hospital need time to heal and they need some extra care as they do so. AMRRC provides recuperative care for the homeless to ensure these individuals can recover.

The AMRRC Program provides:
• Meals
• Evaluation and Assessment Upon Admission
• Welcome Kit (Grooming and Hygiene)
• 24-Hour Monitoring
• Medication Management Assistance
• Pastoral Support
• ASI Assessment while in the Program
• Escort/Buddy System to Doctor's Appointments**
• Case Management
     – Assistance with Doctors Appointments
     – Assessment with a MSW as Needed
     – Coordination with Outside Healthcare Providers, such as:
          - Home Health Agency's SN/PT/OT/ST
          - Pharmacies
          - DME Companies
          - Transportation
• Referral and Recommendations to Various Community Resources

** optional service

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Those We Serve

Our Respite & Recuperative Care program helps homeless individuals recover from medical illness. 

Participants must meet program criteria.

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